Why Bliain na Gaeilge?

What is Bliain na Gaeilge?

We are celebrating the Irish language in 2013 throughout the island of Ireland and providing thousands of opportunities to use the language to the two million people who have Irish, no matter what level they have We are also encouraging people to learn Irish. There will be national events, local events, competitions and new Irish language projects organised through the year.


Why 2013?

The revival of the Irish language started in 1893 with the establishment of Conradh na Gaeilge. In 2013 we will be recognising the progress made over the last 120 years by Irish language and Gaeltacht organisations, schools and other groups in preserving, reviving and promoting the language.


Who is taking part?

There are representatives of over 100 organisations (including Irish language, Gaeltacht, cultural, student and other organisations) on a working group organising the programme for the year. Not only that but there will also be hundreds of other organisations organising events in 2013.


What can you do in 2013?

* Use your Irish with friends, relatives, colleagues and others in 2013

* Look at the events on our website and attend some of them

* Take part in the competitions – great prizes to be won

* Make the decision to improve your Irish or learn the language in 2013 (you could also sign up for the Líofa 2015 campaign)

* Go on holidays to the Gaeltacht

* Encourage friends abroad to come to Ireland in 2013 to attend events of Bliain na Gaeilge and to take part in The Gathering 2013

* Buy products made in Ireland to help the environment in which we are promoting the Irish language (further information from Love Irish Food)


Send an email to eolas@gaeilge2013.ie for more information