In Schools and in Youth Clubs


Bliain na Gaeilge intends to make a lot of materials and ideas available to schools and youth clubs so that they can take part in Bliain na Gaeilge and bring opportunities to use Irish to their students, leaders, teachers, parents and other participants.

We hope a lot of schools & youth clubs organise events & take part in the national competitions that will be advertised during the year.


15EA2013_BnaG_Eolas_Scoileanna_Comortais Further information here…


Organising events

  1. Use the Resources page for ideas for events & support resources
  2. Put together a Bliain na Gaeilge Program for the school
  3. Take part in the national competitions that will be advertised on
  4. Watch out for the information on Bliain na Gaeilge that will be in the Seachtain na Gaeilge Handbook (your school will receive a copy in January) and use the handbook to organise events, take part in competitions and order extra support materials for the school.


Date for the Diary

Ceiliúradh Cainte, Wednesday 18 April 2013!


Best of luck with your Bliain na Gaeilge events!