In the community

A very important element to Bliain na Gaeilge is the running of community events in every corner of the country & world, to celebrate and to bring opportunities to use Irish to the people of all of these communities.

We hope that many groups will run events for their own communities.


Organising events

  1. Make all the basic arrangements – venue, date, time, guest appearances, equipment etc
  2. Register your event(s) on the Bliain na Gaeilge calendar at
  3. Download the Bliain na Gaeilge poster to advertise locally
  4. Put information on your website or on social media, especially Facebook & Twitter
  5. Issue a press release to get local media attention for your event(s)
  6. Gather contact details of the people who attend the event(s) to send them details of future events (get their permission) & to look for feedback on the event that you did hold



Use the Resources page for ideas for events and support resources


Best of luck in organising your Irish events in the community!